Population Statistics for Elana

Elana is represented in the Top 1000 exclusively as a girls' name.
Total* Population in Top 1000: 254 (0.00% male, 100.00% female) [source]

Popularity of the name Elana for Boys


Popularity of the name Elana for Girls

First Year in the Top 1000: 1960
Last Year in the Top 1000: 1966
Average Age: 61.26
Highest Percentage: 0.007% in 1966
Best Rank: #892 (in 1960)
Represented in the Top 1000 names in: 2 of 127 years (1.57%)
Total* Female Population in Top 1000: 254

Percentage Of Babies Named Elana

Note: Only names in the Top 1000 for each year are represented. [source] Values are normalized for boys and girls to compare trends (vertical scales differ for boys and girls).
Line chart

Age Distribution of Elana

About these totals.

Female Population under 60: 116 (45.67%)
Female Population under 50: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 40: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 30: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 20: 0 (0.00%)

Names Similar to Elana

Similar Male Names

— None. —

Fairly Similar Male Names

Elian Ellen Elon Elwyn

Roughly Similar Male Names

Elam Elian Ellen Elmo Elon Elwin Elwyn

Loosely Similar Male Names

Alan Alanzo Alejandro Allan Allen Allyn Alonso Alonza Alonzo Arlan Arland Arlen Arlin Arlington Arlyn Berlin Blain Blaine Blanchard Blanche Blane Braylen Braylon Caroline Carolyn Ceylon Cleon Cleveland Clint Clinton Colin Collin Collins Colon Colonel Courtland Cullen Dallin Declan Delano Dillan Dillion Dillon Dylan Dyllan Dylon Eleanor Elian Ellen Elon Elonzo Emiliano Erland Erling Evelyn Flint Franklin Franklyn Galen Garland Gaylen Gaylon Glen Glendon Glenn Glenwood Glynn Grayling Harlan Harland Harlen Harlon Helen Holland Jalen Jalon Jaylan Jaylen Jaylin Jaylon Jelani Julian Julien Kalen Kathleen Kellen Killian Kylan Lance Landan Landen Landin Landon Landyn Lane Lannie Lanny Layne Leander Leandro Leland Len Lena Lenard Lennie Lenny Lenon Lenord Lenwood Leon Leona Leonard Leonardo Leonce Leonel Leonidas Lillian Lincoln Linda Lindbergh Lindell Linden Lindsay Lindsey Lindy Link Linn Linnie Linton Linus Linwood Linzy Lionel Llewellyn Lon London Lone Loney Long Lonie Lonnie Lonny Lonzo Lyn Lyndon Lynn Lynwood Mahlon Marcelino Marilyn Marland Marlin Marlon Marlyn Maximilian Maximillian Merlin Merlyn Miguelangel Milan Napoleon Nolan Nolen Olan Oland Olen Olin Orland Orlando Orlin Pauline Roland Rolando Rolland Rollin Rowland Rylan Ryland Solon Starling Sterling Talan Talen Talon Valentin Valentine Valentino Verlin Verlon Verlyn Volney Wayland Waylon Wellington Willian Zebulon

Similar Female Names

Alaina Alana Alani Alanna Alannah Alayna Aleena Alena Alina Allena Elaina Elena Eleni Eliana Elliana Iliana Ilona Olena

Fairly Similar Female Names

Eileen Elaina Elaine Elayne Elena Eleni Eliana Ellen Elliana Ellyn Elna

Roughly Similar Female Names

Eileen Elaina Elaine Elayne Elena Eleni Eliana Ellamae Ellen Elliana Ellyn Elma Elna

Loosely Similar Female Names

Adaline Adelina Adeline Adilene Adline Aileen Ailene Alaina Alana Alani Alanna Alannah Alayna Aleen Aleena Alejandra Alena Alene Alina Aline Allean Alleen Allena Allene Alline Allyn Alondra Angelina Angeline Arleen Arlena Arlene Arline Arlyne Ashlyn Ashlynn Aylin Belen Belinda Blanca Blanch Blanche Blanchie Braelyn Brooklyn Brooklynn Cailyn Caitlin Caitlyn Caitlynn Carleen Carlene Carlyn Carolann Carolina Caroline Carolyn Carolyne Carolynn Catalina Cathleen Celena Celina Celine Cherilyn Cleone Coleen Colleen Darleen Darlene Darline Darlyne Delaney Delina Delinda Dylan Earlean Earlene Earline Eileen Elaina Elaine Elayne Eleanor Eleanora Eleanore Elena Eleni Elenor Elenora Elenore Eleonora Eleonore Eliana Elinor Elinore Ellen Elliana Ellyn Elna Elnora Emaline Emeline Emmaline Erlene Erlinda Erline Ethelene Ethelyn Evalena Evaline Evalyn Evangelina Evangeline Evelena Evelin Evelina Eveline Evelyn Evelyne Fallon Falon Flonnie Gaylene Geralyn Gillian Glenda Glendora Glenn Glenna Glennie Glennis Glinda Glynda Glynis Gracelyn Gwendolyn Harlene Helaine Helen Helena Helene Hellen Helyn Herlinda Ilene Iliana Ilona Ireland Jacalyn Jackeline Jacklyn Jaclyn Jacquelin Jacqueline Jacquelyn Jacquelynn Jacquline Jacqulyn Jaelyn Jaelynn Jailene Jailyn Jalyn Jalynn Jaquelin Jaqueline Jayleen Jaylen Jaylene Jaylin Jaylyn Jaylynn Jazlyn Jerilyn Jerilynn Jerrilyn Jillian Jocelyn Jocelyne Joellen Joleen Jolene Joline Joselin Joselyn Joslyn Joycelyn Juliana Juliann Julianna Julianne Kaelyn Kailyn Kaitlin Kaitlyn Kaitlynn Kaleena Kalene Kalyn Karlene Karolyn Katelin Katelyn Katelynn Kathaleen Kathleen Kathlene Kathlyn Katlin Katlyn Katlynn Kaylan Kaylen Kaylene Kaylin Kaylyn Kaylynn Kylene Lainey Lana Lanette Laney Lani Lanie Lanita Lannie Launa Leana Leandra Leaner Leann Leanna Leanne Leeann Leilani Leland Lena Lenna Lennie Lenora Lenore Leona Leone Leonia Leonie Leonor Leonora Leonore Leontine Liana Liane Lilian Liliana Lilianna Lillian Lilliana Lina Linda Lindsay Lindsey Lindy Linette Linna Linnea Linnie Linsey Lona London Loni Lonie Lonna Lonnie Louann Louanna Luana Luann Luanne Luna Lurline Lyn Lynda Lyndia Lyndsay Lyndsey Lynette Lynn Lynne Lynnette Lynsey Madaline Madalyn Madalynn Madeleine Madelene Madeline Madelyn Madelynn Madilyn Madlyn Magdalen Magdalena Magdalene Malinda Maralyn Marcelina Marceline Marilyn Marilynn Marlana Marleen Marlen Marlena Marlene Marlyn Marolyn Maryellen Marylin Marylyn Melanie Melany Melina Melinda Melonie Melony Merilyn Merlene Michelina Olena Olene Olinda Oline Orlena Paulina Pauline Pearlene Pearline Rolanda Rosalind Rosalinda Rosaline Rosalyn Roselyn Roslyn Salena Salina Selena Selene Selina Shalon Shalonda Sharleen Sharlene Sherilyn Sherlyn Shirleen Shirlene Suellen Valencia Valentina Valentine Valinda Verlene Willene Yolanda Yolonda Yoselin Yuliana

Anagrams of "Elana"

Alena Leana

Names Using All Letters of, and Only Letters in "Elana"

Aleen Aleena Alena Alene Allean Alleen Allen Allena Allene Elena Elna Lane Leana Leann Leanna Leanne Leeann Lena Lenna Neal Nella

Names Using Only Letters In "Elana"

Al Ala Alan Alana Alanna Aleen Aleena Alena Alene Alla Allan Allean Alleen Allen Allena Allene Ana Ann Anna Anne Ean Ela Elena Ell Ella Elle Ellen Elna Ena Lala Lalla Lana Lane Le Lea Leala Leana Leann Leanna Leanne Lee Leeann Lela Lella Len Lena Lenna Nan Nana Nanna Neal Nell Nella Nelle Nena

Names Using All Letters In "Elana"

Adaline Adelina Adeline Adilene Adline Aileen Ailene Ainsley Albertina Albertine Alden Aleen Aleena Alejandra Alejandro Alena Alene Alessandra Alessandro Alexande Alexander Alexandr Alexandra Alexandre Alexandrea Alexandria Alexandro Alexina Alexzander Alfonse Algernon Aline Allean Alleen Allen Allena Allene Alline Alphonse Alphonsine Alvena Alwine Anabel Anabelle Anatole Ancel Angel Angela Angele Angeles Angelia Angelic Angelica Angelina Angeline Angelique Angelita Angella Angelo Anjelica Annabel Annabell Annabella Annabelle Annalise Anneliese Ansel Ansley Arleen Arlen Arlena Arlene Arline Arlyne Belinda Blaine Blanche Blanchie Blane Braelyn Brantley Braylen Carleen Carlene Carleton Carnell Caroline Carolyne Cathleen Celena Celina Chandler Chanel Chanelle Chantel Chantelle Charleen Charlene Charline Claiborne Clarance Clarence Clarine Clarnce Claudine Clearence Clementina Cleveland Coleman Consuela Cornelia Danelle Dangelo Daniel Daniela Daniele Daniella Danielle Danniel Dannielle Danyel Danyell Danyelle Darleen Darlene Darline Darlyne Darnell Deangelo Declan Delaney Delano Delfina Delina Delinda Earlean Earlene Earline Elaina Elaine Elayne Eleanor Eleanora Eleanore Elena Elenora Eleonora Elian Eliana Elliana Elmina Elna Elnora Elvina Elwanda Emaline Emanuel Emiliano Emmaline Emmanuel Enola Erland Erlinda Evalena Evaline Evalyn Evangelina Evangeline Evelena Evelina Filomena Florance Galen Gaylen Gaylene Gaynell Gearldine General Geraldine Geralyn Gladstone Glenda Glendora Glenna Gracelyn Granville Hansel Harlen Harlene Helaine Helena Herlinda Immanuel Ireland Jackeline Jacquelin Jacqueline Jacquelyn Jacquelynn Jacquline Jaelyn Jaelynn Jailene Jalen Janel Janell Janelle Jaquelin Jaqueline Jayleen Jaylen Jaylene Jelani Jeraldine Julianne Kaelyn Kaleena Kalen Kalene Karlene Katelin Katelyn Katelynn Kathaleen Kathleen Kathlene Kaylen Kaylene Kendal Kendall Lainey Laken Lakendra Lamonte Lance Landen Lane Lanette Laney Lanie Lannie Laraine Laurance Laureen Lauren Laurence Laurene Laurine Lavenia Lavern Laverna Laverne Lavonne Lawerence Lawrance Lawrence Layne Leamon Leana Leander Leandra Leandro Leaner Leann Leanna Leanne Leeann Leilani Leland Lena Lenard Lenna Lenora Leona Leonard Leonardo Leonia Leonidas Leonora Levina Liane Linnea Loraine Lorayne Lorean Lorena Lorenza Lorraine Lorrayne Louvenia Luanne Lugenia Lurena Luvenia Madaline Madeleine Madelene Madeline Madelyn Madelynn Magdalen Magdalena Magdalene Manley Mansfield Manuel Manuela Manuelita Marcelina Marceline Marcelino Marleen Marlen Marlena Marlene Maryellen Melanie Melany Melina Melinda Melvina Michelina Miguelangel Nallely Napoleon Natalee Natalie Nathalie Nathanael Nathaniel Nayeli Nayely Neal Nealie Nealy Nelda Nelia Nella Neola Noelia Novella Olena Oneal Orlena Pauline Pearlene Pearline Philomena Pleasant Randel Randell Randle Reginal Reginald Reinaldo Renaldo Reynaldo Rosaline Salena Selena Selina Shanell Shanelle Shantel Shantell Sharleen Sharlene Shirleyann Stanley Stonewall Talen Tangela Valencia Valentin Valentina Valentine Valentino Vernal Wilhelmina Willodean Yandel

Males Named "Elana" by Year

— None. —

Females Named "Elana" by Year

About these figures.

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