Population Statistics for Marcelina

Marcelina is represented in the Top 1000 exclusively as a girls' name.
Total* Population in Top 1000: 54 (0.00% male, 100.00% female) [source]

Popularity of the name Marcelina for Boys


Popularity of the name Marcelina for Girls

First Year in the Top 1000: 1934
Last Year in the Top 1000: 1934
Average Age: 90.00
Highest Percentage: 0.005% in 1934
Best Rank: #944 (in 1934)
Represented in the Top 1000 names in: 1 of 127 years (0.79%)
Total* Female Population in Top 1000: 54

Percentage Of Babies Named Marcelina

Note: Only names in the Top 1000 for each year are represented. [source] Values are normalized for boys and girls to compare trends (vertical scales differ for boys and girls).
Line chart

Age Distribution of Marcelina

About these totals.

Female Population under 60: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 50: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 40: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 30: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 20: 0 (0.00%)

Names Similar to Marcelina

Similar Male Names


Fairly Similar Male Names


Roughly Similar Male Names

Marcel Marcelino Marcello Marcellus Marcelo Marchello Markel Markell Marshal Marshall

Loosely Similar Male Names


Similar Female Names

— None. —

Fairly Similar Female Names


Roughly Similar Female Names

Marcela Marceline Marcella Marcelle Maricela Marisela Marisol Miracle

Loosely Similar Female Names


Anagrams of "Marcelina"

— None. —

Names Using All Letters of, and Only Letters in "Marcelina"


Names Using Only Letters In "Marcelina"

Ace Acie Aileen Ailene Aili Aimee Al Ala Alaina Alan Alana Alani Alanna Alcee Alcie Alec Alecia Aleen Aleena Alena Alene Ali Alia Alice Alicia Alina Aline Alla Allan Allean Alleen Allen Allena Allene Allie Alline Alma Almer Almina Almira Ama Amalia Amalie Amani Amara Amare Amari Amelia Amelie America Ami Amie Amil Amin Amina Amir Amira Amma Ammie Ana Ancel Ancil Anice Anie Ann Anna Annamae Annamarie Anne Annemarie Anner Annice Annie Annmarie Ara Araceli Areli Ari Aria Ariana Ariane Arianna Aric Arie Ariel Arielle Arla Arlan Arleen Arlen Arlena Arlene Arlie Arlin Arline Arman Armani Armin Arne Arnie Arra Arrie Cael Cain Cal Cale Cali Calla Callie Cam Cami Camila Camilla Camille Cammie Camren Cannie Cara Caren Cari Carie Carin Carina Carl Carla Carlee Carleen Carlene Carli Carlie Carma Carmel Carmela Carmella Carmen Carmine Carnell Carra Carri Carrie Cecelia Cecil Cecile Cecilia Ceil Celena Celia Celie Celina Celine Cena Ciara Ciarra Ciera Cierra Cilla Clair Claire Clara Clarance Clare Clarence Clarice Clarine Clarnce Clearence Clell Clella Clem Clemence Clemie Clemma Clemmie Ean Earl Earle Earlean Earlene Earlie Earline Eileen Einar Ela Elaina Elaine Elam Elana Elena Eleni Eli Elia Elian Eliana Elie Ell Ella Ellamae Ellar Elle Ellen Eller Elliana Ellie Elma Elmer Elmina Elmira Elmire Elna Ema Emaline Emelia Emelie Emeline Emil Emile Emilee Emilia Emilie Emma Emmalee Emmaline Emmer Emmie Ena Era Eric Erica Erie Erin Erla Erle Erlene Erline Erma Ermina Ermine Erna Ernie Ian Ica Icie Ila Ilene Iliana Illa Ilma Ima Imani Ina Inell Ira Irena Irene Irine Irl Irma Laci Lacie Laila Lala Lalla Lamar Lana Lance Lane Lani Lanie Lannie Lara Larae Laraine Le Lea Leala Leana Leaner Leann Leanna Leanne Lee Leeann Leia Leila Leilani Lela Lelar Lelia Lella Lem Lemma Lemmie Len Lena Lenna Lennie Lera Lia Liam Liana Liane Lila Lilia Lilian Liliana Lilianna Lilie Lilla Liller Lillia Lillian Lilliana Lillie Lim Lina Linn Linna Linnea Linnie Mac Mace Macel Maci Macie Mae Mai Maia Maira Mal Male Malia Mallie Mame Mamie Mammie Manie Manila Manilla Mannie Mara Marc Marcel Marcela Marceline Marcella Marcelle Marci Marcia Marcie Maren Mari Maria Mariam Marian Mariana Mariann Marianna Marianne Maricela Marie Mariel Mariela Marilee Marilla Marin Marina Marla Marlana Marlee Marleen Marlen Marlena Marlene Marlin Marni Marnie Mearl Mel Melanie Melina Mell Mellie Mena Mercer Merl Merle Merlene Merlin Merna Merri Merrie Merrilee Merrill Mia Micaela Mila Milan Miller Millie Mima Mimi Mina Miner Minna Minnie Mira Miracle Miriam Naima Nan Nana Nanci Nancie Nanie Nanna Nannie Neal Nealie Neil Nelia Nelie Nell Nella Nelle Nellie Nena Nia Nila Nile Nim Nina Ninnie Nira Rae Raina Rance Reanna Reece Reina Rella Rena Renae Rene Renea Renee Rennie Rian Rianna Ricci Rice Rilla Rillie

Names Using All Letters In "Marcelina"

Marceline Marcelino

Males Named "Marcelina" by Year

— None. —

Females Named "Marcelina" by Year

About these figures.

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