Names Containing "NE"

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Abner Adaline Adeline Adilene Adline Adriane Adrianne Adriene Adrienne Agnes Agness Ailene Albertine Alene Aline Allene Alline Alphonsine Alwine Anfernee Angeline Anjanette Anne Anneliese Annemarie Anner Annetta Annette Anthoney Antione Antionette Antoine Antoinette Antone Antonetta Antonette Ariane Arlene Arline Arlyne Arne Arnett Arnetta Augustine Barnett Barney Benedict Benjamine Bennett Bernadine Bernardine Berneice Bernetta Bettyjane Blaine Blane Boone Breanne Brennen Brianne Britney Brittaney Brittnee Brittney Burnell Burnett Burney Carlene Carmine Carnell Caroline Carolyne Catharine Catherine Cathrine Celestine Celine Chanel Chanelle Chaney Charlene Charline Charmaine Cheyanne Cheyenne Christene Christine Claiborne Clarine Claudine Clementine Cleone Colonel Conner Constantine Corene Corine Corinne Cornel Cornelia Cornelious Cornelius Cornell Corrine Cortney Courtney Cristine Cydney Dabney Dafne Dane Daneen Danelle Danette Daphne Darlene Darline Darlyne Darnell Dawne Dayne Deane Deanne Delaney Delphine Deneen Denese Denine Destinee Destiney Dewayne Diane Dianne Dione Dionne Donell Donnell Dorene Dorine Duane Duwayne Dwaine Dwane Dwayne Dwyane Earlene Earline Earnest Earnestine Ebenezer Elaine Elayne Emaline Emeline Emmaline Emogene Erlene Erline Ermine Ernest Ernestina Ernestine Ernesto Ethelene Eugene Evaline Evangeline Eveline Evelyne Evonne Ferne Finnegan Florene Florine Francine Gaines Gardner Garner Garnet Garnett Gaylene Gaynell Gearldine Gene General Genesis Geneva Genevieve Genevra Georgene Georgine Geraldine Germaine Gladstone Greene Gunner Gurney Gwyneth Harlene Helaine Helene Henery Hermine Ilene Imogene Inell Ines Inez Ione Irene Irine Irvine Ivonne Jackeline Jacqueline Jacquline Jailene Jane Janeen Janel Janell Janelle Janene Janessa Janet Janette Janey Janine Jannette Jaqueline Jasmine Jasmyne Jaylene Jayne Jazmine Jazmyne Jeane Jeanetta Jeanette Jeanine Jeanne Jeannette Jeannine Jenelle Jennette Jeraldine Jermaine Joanne Jocelyne Johney Jolene Joline Jonell Jones Josephine Josiephine Journey Julianne June Justine Kalene Kane Kanesha Karlene Katharine Katherine Kathlene Kathrine Kathryne Kaylene Keenen Kennedi Kennedy Kenneth Kenney Konner Kortney Kourtney Kristine Kylene Lainey Lane Lanette Laney Laraine Laurene Laurine Laverne Lavonne Layne Leaner Leanne Leone Leonel Leontine Liane Linette Linnea Lionel Lone Loney Loraine Lorayne Lorene Lorine Lorne Lorraine Lorrayne Luanne Lurline Luverne Lynette Lynne Lynnette Madaline Madeleine Madelene Madeline Magdalene Manerva Manervia Marceline Margene Marianne Marlene Martine Maryanne Maryjane Maurine Maxine Melbourne Merlene Miner Minerva Minervia Nadine Nanette Nannette Neal Nealie Nealy Ned Nedra Needham Neely Neha Nehemiah Neil Nelda Nelia Nelie Nell Nella Nelle Nellie Nello Nelly Nels Nelson Nena Neola Neoma Neppie Nereida Nestor Neta Netta Nettie Neva Nevada Nevaeh Neveah Nevin Newell Newman Newt Newton Norene Norine Olene Oline Olivine Oneal Oneida Oneta Oney Orene Osborne Pauline Pearlene Pearline Penelope Pernell Philomene Pinkney Rayne Rene Renea Renee Rodney Romaine Rosaline Rosanne Roseanne Roxane Roxanne Rozanne Ruthanne Ryne Selene Seneca Shane Shaneka Shanell Shanelle Shanequa Shannen Sharlene Shavonne Shawnee Shayne Shianne Shirlene Shyanne Sidney Signe Simone Stephaine Stone Stonewall Stoney Sumner Sunshine Susanne Suzanne Sydnee Sydney Symone Tanesha Tanner Tennessee Tiney Toney Tremaine Tremayne Trumaine Turner Tyrone Valentine Vanesa Vanessa Venessa Verlene Verne Vernell Vernelle Verner Vernetta Victorine Viney Vivienne Volney Vonetta Waneta Warner Wayne Werner Whitney Wilhelmine Willene Yasmine Yvonne Zane Zayne Zhane
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