Population Statistics for Aisha

Aisha is represented in the Top 1000 exclusively as a girls' name.
Total* Population in Top 1000: 15385 (0.00% male, 100.00% female) [source]

Popularity of the name Aisha for Boys


Popularity of the name Aisha for Girls

First Year in the Top 1000: 1973
Last Year in the Top 1000: 2006 (latest year for which we have data)
Average Age: 36.03
Highest Percentage: 0.115% in 1977
Best Rank: #175 (in 1977)
Represented in the Top 1000 names in: 34 of 127 years (26.77%)
Total* Female Population in Top 1000: 15385

Percentage Of Babies Named Aisha

Note: Only names in the Top 1000 for each year are represented. [source] Values are normalized for boys and girls to compare trends (vertical scales differ for boys and girls).
Line chart

Age Distribution of Aisha

About these totals.

Female Population under 60: 15385 (100.00%)
Female Population under 50: 15164 (98.56%)
Female Population under 40: 8899 (57.84%)
Female Population under 30: 4976 (32.34%)
Female Population under 20: 1182 (7.68%)

Names Similar to Aisha

Similar Male Names

— None. —

Fairly Similar Male Names

— None. —

Roughly Similar Male Names

Ace Acey Acie Acy Ajay Asa

Loosely Similar Male Names

Ashby Asher Ashley Ashton Bishop Bush Cash Charle Charles Charley Charlie Charls Charlton Charly Cheyenne Dashawn Deshaun Deshawn Elisha Fisher Hershel Hershell Hiroshi Isham Ishmael Josh Joshua Joshuah Keshaun Keshawn Keyshawn Kiyoshi Krish Lashawn Lish Marsh Marshal Marshall Moshe Nash Parrish Pershing Rashaad Rashaan Rashad Rashawn Rasheed Rayshawn Rishi Rush Shad Shade Shafter Shamar Shan Shane Shannon Shanon Shaquan Shaquille Sharif Sharon Shaun Shawn Shay Shayne Shea Shedrick Shelby Sheldon Shelley Shellie Shelly Shelton Shemar Shep Shepherd Sheridan Sherman Sherrill Sherwin Sherwood Shirley Shoji Shon Shyheim Tayshaun Toshio Tyshawn Vashon Wash Washington Yoshio

Similar Female Names

Asha Iesha Ieshia

Fairly Similar Female Names

Asha Asia

Roughly Similar Female Names

Aggie Aja Asha Asia Ayesha Azzie

Loosely Similar Female Names

Alesha Alisha Alysha Asha Ashanti Ashely Ashlea Ashlee Ashleigh Ashley Ashli Ashlie Ashly Ashlyn Ashlynn Ashton Ashtyn Ayesha Camisha Charla Charlee Charleen Charlene Charles Charlie Charline Charlize Charlotta Charlotte Charlottie Charlsie Cherish Cheyanne Cheyenne Daisha Denisha Dosha Doshia Doshie Elisha Felisha Iesha Ieshia Jerusha Joshua Kanesha Kanisha Keesha Keisha Kenisha Kesha Keshia Kisha Laisha Lakeisha Lakesha Lakeshia Lakisha Lashanda Lashawn Lashonda Lashunda Latarsha Latasha Latesha Latisha Latosha Leisha Lisha Marsha Miesha Moesha Nakisha Natasha Natosha Porsha Rashida Sasha Shae Shaina Shakira Shalon Shalonda Shameka Shamika Shana Shanae Shanda Shandra Shane Shaneka Shanell Shanelle Shanequa Shani Shania Shanice Shaniece Shanika Shaniqua Shanita Shaniya Shanna Shannan Shannen Shannon Shanon Shanta Shante Shantel Shantell Shaquana Shaquita Shara Shardae Sharday Sharde Sharee Sharen Shari Sharita Sharla Sharleen Sharlene Sharman Sharon Sharonda Sharron Sharyl Sharyn Shasta Shatara Shaun Shauna Shaunna Shavon Shavonne Shawanda Shawn Shawna Shawnda Shawnee Shawnna Shawnte Shay Shayla Shaylee Shayna Shea Sheena Sheila Sheilah Shelba Shelbi Shelbie Shelby Shelia Shelley Shelli Shellie Shelly Shelva Shelvia Shelvie Shena Shenna Sheree Sheri Sheridan Sherie Sherilyn Sherita Sherlyn Sheron Sherree Sherri Sherrie Sherrill Sherron Sherry Sherryl Sheryl Sheryll Sheyla Shianne Shiela Shira Shirl Shirlee Shirleen Shirlene Shirley Shirleyann Shirlie Shona Shonda Shonna Shreya Shyann Shyanne Shyla Siobhan Sunshine Takisha Tamisha Tanesha Tanisha Tarsha Tasha Tashina Tenisha Tiesha Tisha Tishie Tosha Toshiko Trish Trisha Tyesha Vashti Yoshiko

Anagrams of "Aisha"

— None. —

Names Using All Letters of, and Only Letters in "Aisha"

Isaiah Isiah

Names Using Only Letters In "Aisha"

Ah Asa Asha Asia Isa Isai Isaiah Isaias Isiah Isis Sasha

Names Using All Letters In "Aisha"

Alisha Alphonsine Ashanti Ashleigh Ashli Ashlie Camisha Charissa Charisse Charlsie Chasity Chastity Chestina Christa Christal Christena Christian Christiana Christina Daisha Denisha Doshia Elisabeth Elisha Felisha Harris Harrison Hassie Hortensia Iesha Ieshia Isaiah Isham Ishmael Isiah Jasiah Josiah Kanisha Keisha Kenisha Keshia Kisha Laisha Lakeisha Lakeshia Lakisha Latisha Leisha Lisha Mathias Matthias Messiah Miesha Nakisha Nicholas Nicholaus Parrish Rashida Saniyah Sarahi Sariah Shaina Shakira Shamika Shani Shania Shanice Shaniece Shanika Shaniqua Shanita Shaniya Shaquille Shaquita Shari Sharif Sharita Sheila Sheilah Shelia Shelvia Sheridan Sherita Shianne Shiela Shira Shirleyann Siobhan Sophia Sophronia Stephaine Stephani Stephania Stephanie Takisha Tamisha Tanisha Tashina Tenisha Theodosia Theresia Thomasina Tiesha Tisha Trisha Vashti Washington

Males Named "Aisha" by Year

— None. —

Females Named "Aisha" by Year

About these figures.

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