Names Containing "IS"

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Adamaris Addison Addisyn Adison Adonis Aisha Alexis Alisa Alisha Alison Alissa Allison Alois Alvis Amaris Anais Anissa Annalise Annis Ardis Arlis Artis Avis Bishop Blaise Bliss Boris Brisa Calista Camisha Candis Carisa Carissa Carlisle Charissa Charisse Cherise Cherish Chris Chrissie Chrissy Christ Christa Christal Christeen Christel Christen Christena Christene Christi Christian Christiana Christie Christin Christina Christine Christion Christop Christoper Christopher Christy Clarisa Clarissa Clovis Collis Corliss Cris Crissie Crissy Crista Cristal Cristen Cristi Cristian Cristin Cristina Cristine Cristobal Cristofer Cristopher Cristy Curtis Curtiss Daisey Daisha Daisie Daisy Daisye Damaris Davis Delisa Delois Deloris Denis Denise Denisha Denisse Dennis Doloris Doris Dorris Edison Edris Elisa Elisabeth Elise Eliseo Elisha Elissa Ellis Ellison Elois Eloisa Eloise Elouise Elvis Ennis Eris Farris Felisha Ferris Finis Fisher Francis Francisca Francisco Francisqui Garrison Genesis Gisele Giselle Gisselle Gladis Glennis Glynis Grisel Griselda Harris Harrison Hollis Iris Isa Isaac Isaak Isabel Isabela Isabell Isabella Isabelle Isadora Isadore Isai Isaiah Isaias Isam Isamar Isham Ishmael Isiah Isidor Isidore Isidro Isis Isla Ismael Isobel Isom Israel Isreal Issac Jalisa Jalissa Jamison Janis Jarvis Joseluis Julisa Julissa Juluis Kanisha Karis Karissa Keisha Kenisha Kisha Kris Krish Krissy Krista Kristal Kristan Kristen Kristi Kristian Kristie Kristin Kristina Kristine Kristofer Kristoffer Kristopher Kristy Kristyn Kurtis Laisha Lakeisha Lakisha Larissa Latisha Leisa Leisha Lewis Lexis Lillis Lisa Lisandro Lisbeth Lise Lisette Lish Lisha Lisle Lissa Lissette Lissie Liston Lois Loris Louis Louisa Louise Louisiana Lovisa Luis Luisa Maddison Madisen Madison Madisyn Malissa Malissie Marisa Marisela Marisol Marissa Marquis Marquise Marylouise Mavis Melisa Melissa Melissia Mellisa Mellissa Memphis Milissa Misael Missie Missouri Missy Misti Mistie Misty Moises Morris Myrtis Nakisha Narcissus Norris Odalis Odis Oris Orris Orvis Otis Ottis Paisley Paris Parrish Phillis Phylis Phyliss Phyllis Prentiss Priscila Priscilla Regis Risa Rishi Sister Stanislaus Takisha Tamisha Tanisha Tavaris Tenisha Theodis Tisa Tisha Tishie Travis Trish Trisha Trista Tristan Tristen Tristian Tristin Triston Ulises Willis Yulisa Yulissa
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