Population Statistics for Johan

Johan is represented in the Top 1000 exclusively as a boys' name.
Total* Population in Top 1000: 3031 (100.00% male, 0.00% female) [source]

Popularity of the name Johan for Boys

First Year in the Top 1000: 1998
Last Year in the Top 1000: 2006 (latest year for which we have data)
Average Age: 21.18
Highest Percentage: 0.027% in 2006
Best Rank: #510 (in 2002)
Represented in the Top 1000 names in: 9 of 127 years (7.09%)
Total* Male Population in Top 1000: 3031

Popularity of the name Johan for Girls


Percentage Of Babies Named Johan

Note: Only names in the Top 1000 for each year are represented. [source] Values are normalized for boys and girls to compare trends (vertical scales differ for boys and girls).
Line chart

Age Distribution of Johan

About these totals.

Male Population under 60: 3031 (100.00%)
Male Population under 50: 3031 (100.00%)
Male Population under 40: 3031 (100.00%)
Male Population under 30: 3031 (100.00%)
Male Population under 20: 1302 (42.96%)
Male Population under 10: 0 (0.00%)

Names Similar to Johan

Similar Male Names

Gene Jan Jean Joan John Jon Juan

Fairly Similar Male Names

— None. —

Roughly Similar Male Names

Jaheem Jaheim Jahiem Jaime Jaimie Jame Jamey Jamie Jammie Jan Jayme Jean Jennie Jim Jimmie Jimmy Joan John Johney Johnie Johnnie Johnny Johny Jon Jonah Jonnie Juan June Juwan

Loosely Similar Male Names

Arjun Dejon Dejuan Dijon Elgin Eugene Genaro Gene General Genie Gennaro Geno Giancarlo Gianni Gino Jajuan Jan Janet Janice Jean Jennie Jennifer Jennings Jens Jensen Joan John Johnathan Johnathon Johney Johnie Johnnie Johnny Johnpaul Johnson Johny Jon Jonah Jonas Jonatan Jonathan Jonathon Jones Jonnie Juan June Junior Junious Junius Reginal Reginald Virginia

Similar Female Names

Gene Ginny Jan Jane Jann Jayne Jean Jeane Jeanne Jenny Joan Joann Joanne John

Fairly Similar Female Names

Johana Johanna Johannah

Roughly Similar Female Names

Jaime Jaimee Jaimie Jamey Jami Jamie Jammie Jamya Jan Jana Janae Janay Jane Janey Janiah Janie Janiya Janiyah Jann Janna Jannie Jayme Jayne Jean Jeana Jeane Jeanie Jeanna Jeanne Jeannie Jena Jenna Jenni Jennie Jenny Jimmie Jimmy Jinnie Joan Joana Joanie Joann Joanna Joanne Johana Johanna Johannah John Johnie Johnna Johnnie Johnny Joni Jonna Jonnie Juana June Junia Junie

Loosely Similar Female Names

Anjanette Bettyjane Djuana Djuna Emogene Eugene Gena Gene Genesis Geneva Genevieve Genevra Genie Gennie Genoveva Georganna Georgeann Georgeanna Georgene Georgiana Georgiann Georgianna Georgina Georgine Giana Gianna Gina Ginger Ginny Imogene Jan Jana Janae Janay Jane Janeen Janel Janell Janelle Janene Janessa Janet Janette Janey Janiah Janice Janie Janine Janis Janiya Janiyah Jann Janna Jannette Jannie January Janyce Jaunita Jayne Jean Jeana Jeane Jeanetta Jeanette Jeanie Jeanine Jeanmarie Jeanna Jeanne Jeannette Jeannie Jeannine Jena Jenelle Jenifer Jenilee Jenna Jennette Jenni Jennie Jennifer Jenniffer Jenny Jensen Jinnie Joan Joana Joanie Joann Joanna Joanne Johana Johanna Johannah John Johnie Johnna Johnnie Johnny Jonathan Jonell Joni Jonna Jonnie Juana Juanita June Junia Junie Margene Maryjane Regina Sanjuana Sanjuanita Virginia

Anagrams of "Johan"


Names Using All Letters of, and Only Letters in "Johan"

Johana Johanna Johannah Johnna Jonah

Names Using Only Letters In "Johan"

Ah Aja Ana Ann Anna Anona Hana Hanna Hannah Jan Jana Jann Janna Jo Joan Joana Joann Joanna Johana Johanna Johannah John Johnna Jon Jonah Jonna Nan Nana Nanna Noah Nona Ona

Names Using All Letters In "Johan"

Johana Johanna Johannah Johathan Johnathan Johnathon Johnna Johnpaul Jonah Jonathan Jonathon

Males Named "Johan" by Year

About these figures.


Females Named "Johan" by Year

— None. —
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