Population Statistics for Dellie

Dellie is represented in the Top 1000 exclusively as a girls' name.
Total* Population in Top 1000: 133 (0.00% male, 100.00% female) [source]

Popularity of the name Dellie for Boys


Popularity of the name Dellie for Girls

First Year in the Top 1000: 1882
Last Year in the Top 1000: 1902
Average Age: 130.92
Highest Percentage: 0.007% in 1902
Best Rank: #759 (in 1882)
Represented in the Top 1000 names in: 12 of 127 years (9.45%)
Total* Female Population in Top 1000: 133

Percentage Of Babies Named Dellie

Note: Only names in the Top 1000 for each year are represented. [source] Values are normalized for boys and girls to compare trends (vertical scales differ for boys and girls).
Line chart

Age Distribution of Dellie

About these totals.

Female Population under 60: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 50: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 40: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 30: 0 (0.00%)
Female Population under 20: 0 (0.00%)

Names Similar to Dellie

Similar Male Names

Della Diallo

Fairly Similar Male Names

Dale Del Dell Della Diallo Doll Doyle Tal Tallie Telly Tollie

Roughly Similar Male Names

Dale Del Dell Della Diallo Doll Doyle

Loosely Similar Male Names

Abdul Abdullah Adalberto Adelard Adelbert Adlai Adolf Adolfo Adolph Adolphus Ardell Audley Bradley Bradly Chandler Cordell Dale Dallas Dallin Dalton Dalvin Daulton Del Delano Delbert Dell Della Delmar Delmas Delmer Delmus Delos Delphin Delton Delvin Delwin Diallo Dillan Dillard Dillion Dillon Doll Dolores Dolph Dolphus Dudley Dylan Dyllan Dylon Fidel Guadalupe Hadley Kendal Kendall Kendell Kordell Lindell Lydell Odell Randal Randall Randel Randell Randle Randolf Randolph Rodolfo Rondal Rudolf Rudolfo Rudolph Vidal Wardell Wendel Wendell Windell Yandel

Similar Female Names

Dahlia Dalia Delia Deliah Della Dellia Dillie Dola Dollie Dolly

Fairly Similar Female Names

Dahlia Dale Dalia Dayle Delia Deliah Dell Della Delle Dellia Dillie Dola Dollie Dolly Talia Tayla Teela Tella Tilla Tillie Tula Twyla

Roughly Similar Female Names

Dahlia Dale Dalia Dayle Delia Deliah Dell Della Delle Dellia Dillie Dola Dollie Dolly Dollye

Loosely Similar Female Names

Adaline Adel Adela Adelaide Adele Adelia Adelina Adeline Adell Adella Adelle Adilene Adline Ardelia Ardell Ardella Ardelle Birdella Chandler Cordelia Cordella Dahlia Dale Dalia Dallas Dayle Delaney Delcie Delfina Delia Deliah Delila Delilah Delina Delinda Delisa Dell Della Dellar Delle Dellia Delma Delois Delora Delores Deloris Delpha Delphia Delphine Delsie Delta Dillie Dola Dollie Dolly Dollye Dolores Doloris Dulce Dulcie Dylan Edla Fidelia Guadalupe Gwendolyn Hadley Idell Idella Kendal Kendall Madaline Madalyn Madalynn Madeleine Madelene Madeline Madelyn Madelynn Madilyn Madlyn Magdalen Magdalena Magdalene Mardell Migdalia Odalis Odalys Odelia Odell Odile Sydell Verdell

Anagrams of "Dellie"

— None. —

Names Using All Letters of, and Only Letters in "Dellie"

Dillie Idell Liddie Lidie

Names Using Only Letters In "Dellie"

Dee Deedee Del Dell Delle Dillie Ed Edd Eddie Edie Eli Elie Ell Elle Ellie Idell Le Lee Liddie Lidie Lilie Lillie

Names Using All Letters In "Dellie"

Adaline Adelaide Adelia Adelina Adeline Adilene Adline Adriel Alcide Alexandria Almedia Ardelia Belinda Birdella Claudie Claudine Clide Clotilde Clydie Coolidge Cordelia Daniel Daniela Daniele Daniella Danielle Danniel Dannielle Darline Delcie Delfina Delia Deliah Delila Delilah Delina Delinda Delisa Dellia Delois Deloris Delphia Delphin Delphine Delsie Delvin Delwin Denzil Dillie Dimple Dollie Dulcie Elbridge Eldridge Elfrieda Elida Elodie Erlinda Fidel Fidelia Fielding Fitzgerald Garfield Gearldine Geraldine Goldie Griselda Herlinda Hildegard Hildegarde Hildred Idabelle Idell Idella Imelda Ireland Jeraldine Laddie Leonidas Liddie Lidie Lindbergh Lindell Linden Lindsey Ludie Madaline Madeleine Madeline Mansfield Mathilde Matilde Melinda Melodie Mildred Odelia Odile Rayfield Reginald Reinaldo Reinhold Tilden Wilfred Wilfredo Willodean Windell Winfield

Males Named "Dellie" by Year

— None. —

Females Named "Dellie" by Year

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