Names Containing "NIE"

91 names found
Anie Annie Arnie Barnie Bennie Bernie Berniece Bonnie Brittanie Brittnie Burnie Cannie Chanie Channie Connie Cornie Daniel Daniela Daniele Daniella Danielle Dannie Danniel Dannielle Dennie Donie Donnie Ernie Eugenie Fannie Flonnie Fronie Fronnie Genie Gennie Glennie Hennie Janie Jannie Jeanie Jeannie Jennie Jinnie Joanie Johnie Johnnie Jonnie Junie Lanie Lannie Lennie Leonie Linnie Lonie Lonnie Manie Mannie Marnie Melanie Melonie Minnie Monnie Nanie Nannie Nathaniel Ninnie Nonie Onie Onnie Pennie Queenie Rennie Ronnie Sannie Shaniece Stefanie Stephanie Stephenie Sydnie Tennie Tiffanie Tinie Tinnie Vannie Venie Vennie Vernie Vinie Vinnie Vonnie Winnie
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