Names Containing "CL"

77 names found
Clabe Claiborne Clair Claire Clara Clarabelle Clarance Clare Clarence Claribel Clarice Clarinda Clarine Clarisa Clarissa Clark Clarke Clarnce Classie Claud Claude Claudette Claudia Claudie Claudine Claudio Claudius Claus Clay Clayton Clearence Cleave Cleda Clell Clella Clem Clemence Clemens Clement Clemente Clementina Clementine Clemie Clemma Clemmie Clemon Cleo Cleon Cleone Cleora Cleta Cletus Cleva Cleve Cleveland Clevie Clide Cliff Cliffie Clifford Clifton Clint Clinton Clive Cloe Clora Clotilda Clotilde Clovis Cloyd Clyda Clyde Clydie Clytie Declan Jaclyn Miracle
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