Names Containing "PH"

71 names found
Adolph Adolphus Alpha Alpheus Alphons Alphonse Alphonsine Alphonso Alphonsus Cephus Christopher Cristopher Daphne Delpha Delphia Delphin Delphine Dolph Dolphus Ephraim Ephram Ephriam Euphemia Humphrey Joeseph Joesph Joseph Josephine Josephus Josiephine Kristopher Memphis Murphy Opha Ophelia Orpha Phebe Pheobe Phil Philip Phillip Phillis Philo Philomena Philomene Phoebe Phoenix Phylicia Phylis Phyliss Phyllis Ralph Randolph Raphael Rudolph Shepherd Sophia Sophie Sophronia Stephaine Stephan Stephani Stephania Stephanie Stephany Stephen Stephenie Stephon Theophile Zelpha Zilpha
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